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By Martial Artists, For Martial Artists

Print Size/Location

Front/Back Locations


Full Front/Back

Full Front/Back

12.5”-13” Wide x 14” Tall
 9”-10” Wide x 10”-11” Tall
 5”-6” Wide x 5”-6” Tall

Chest Location


Left/Right Chest

3.5”-4” Wide

Back of Shirt 

Front of Shirt

Left/Right Chest

Sleeve and Pant Locations

Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
Long Pant Leg
Short Pant leg

Left/Right Sleeve
Left/Right Sleeve
Left/Right Pant Leg
Left/Right Pant Leg

3”- 4” Wide x 14” Tall
3”-4” Wide x 4” Tall 

3”- 4” Wide x 14” Tall
3”-4” Wide x 4” Tall


Pricing for screen printing is done on a per job basis. Since we are not a Direct-to-Garment business, a minimum of 12 shirts is needed to continue with a job. Each job is labor intensive and takes times to complete. Each color requires its own film that must be burned into a screen for each individual job. 

  1. Pricing is done per job
  2. Up to 5 Colors per Design
  3. Shirts Starting at $4.50

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